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Halloween Special

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 29, 2011, 4:04 AM
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Hunter Make-up Tutorial

Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, I think it's about time to reveal the secrets of my Hunter-make-up to you, my fellow zombies.

So, first things first:

What do you need/what did I use?

  1. Prepare your anus face by washing it. If you want the plastic part of the make-up to hold reallyreally well, you can clean the area it's applied to with some spirit gum remover but don't go too close to the eyes and be careful. Seriously, there are things that might be worth getting blind for but this is not one of them.
  2. Apply some mastix around the eye-socket. Spare the eyebrows. Put some cotton wool onto the mastix. Congrats, you now look super-retarded. But this is the base for our soft putty. As soon as it sticks, rip off most parts of the wool so there are only some few fibres.
  3. Now this is the part where things get dirteeh. Make sure you're locked away in the bathroom with no parents or roommates noticing the mess you're about to make. They might get angry.
  4. Take some of the soft putty and knead it thoroughly so it fits its name. SOFT putty. Apply it to those areas of your face that look retarded- whoops no not all over your face I meant where you put the wool. Around the eye-area, but not touching the eyelids. As I said yet, this is messy and it's no fun and it sucks. But it's a neccessary evil.
  5. Wondered why you can't apply it smoothly? This is what we got our dear sweet baby oil for. Seriously that stuff's the best thing that yould have happened to you in this situation. I hope you really got it here. I TOLD YOU DAWG. So, you take a bit baby oil and rub it over the putty on your face. Oooooh miracles, that stuff is really getting somewhere close to smooth! Smoothen everything out with baby oil, so there is a soft gradation from your skin to the soft putty.
  6. Now you can destroy your new face. Take the spatula and poke around in your newly gained skin, starting in the middle of the applied putty, so the edges remain smooth and need. It should look like it's your skin torn open, remember??
  7. If you have this finished, you take some transparent powder and powder the fuck out of the putty. Poof Poof bitches. Powder everywhere. Another reason why to lock everyone out of the bathroom.
  8. Now we get down to business. Put some skin cream on your face and let your skin absorb it so the grease paint can be applied smoothly.
  9. Take your corpse-skintone and a sponge, put some water on the sponge and paint your face, neck and the smooth part of the putty corpse (that's a color now). It works the best if you only dap the sponge to your skin and don't smear it all over.
  10. You think you look really unhealthy now? Nope, you don't. You just look like a person with an eyedisease and a bad skintone. I'll tell you how to look really unhealthy. Mix a shadow-color. I normally use the corpse-tone as a base and then put in small amounts of green, blue and black.
  11. Put these on as shadows, like under your nose, under your lips, under your cheekbones on the sides of your nose, the sides of your skull, under your eyes onto the flat part of the putty- and create an even gradation from corpse to shadowcorpse.
  12. This looks worse and by worse I mean better. Now you need some lights. I normally use the highlights to add a bit of pink, as the last leftovers of blood in the skin, but really, don't use too much pink in the mix that will look like "UGUUU KUWAII ZOMBIECHAN DESU NE". So be careful with that, or only mix white and yellow into the corpse tone.
  13. Put the lights on the bridge and tip of your nose, tip of your chin and forehead, cheekbones, the higher parts of the putty.
  14. Take the small brush and mix some blue and red and green + corpse to draw some finer veins. for me thats the part that is the most fun. Add shadows beneath the veins.
  15. Now you mix the color for the eyewounds. There is one thing that's important: Never use pure red or only red+black. You should mix red with a bit of blue to have the color of a rose and then you put a a bit of black in the mix until it's a nice and gorey color. Think of raw steaks or something.
  16. Take the cat-tongue brush to paint your eyelids and the raw part of the putty with it.
  17. Blend some black in the current tone you got and you can create shadows. Put it into the edges and deeper parts of the wounds you have created and around the eyelids.
  18. Take a gross yellowish tone to add a fat layer where the "skin is ripped open". This is of you want to be really anatomically correct.
  19. blend your flesh-colored tone with white and add some highlights to the higher parts of your "wounds". Niiice they're finished now!
  20. Now you can decide whether you really want the Hunter's rapist beard. If yes, mix a very dark grey and a bright grey. Dap the stipple sponge in both of them and test the color on your arm. Okay stubbles? then put it in your face and the neck area. Take the pic of a bearded man as a reference.
  21. When this is done, you take the powder brush and powder transparent powder over it. DAP the sponge onto your skin. Don't smear the make-up!
  22. Take some fake blood onto your hand and dap a bit of it onto the wounds, without getting it in the eyes. Don't use too much or you will look like the douchy blood-crying lead-singer of a completely horrible gothic band. Some can flow to the sides that's okay, but don't use too much of it!
  23. Apply a bit to your lips, so they look a little ripped open or like you just had dinner. Don't use it as lipstick. Don't make the typical animu-deathscene line of blood running down from the corner of your mouth to your chin. Even put some around the nostril, I think that looks super-badass.
  24. FINISHED! Now if you're a really badass dude you can chew on a blood capsule and blood-drool everywhere.

And this is how it looks in practice

Hunter Cosplay - ME GUSTA by AbessinierHunter Cosplay - Bloodharvest by AbessinierRE : you are fucked, darling. by May--LiHunter Cosplay -Double trouble by Abessinier

My Love

Cloud cosplay strength of mind by Maryru Lady cosplay - speciously by Maryru Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay III by Maryru Italy and Germany - Endless by Maryru

Stock Used

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Leopard by LaTaupinette
Jessie-Patterns by CartoonJessie

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Thank you so much for making this! I am forever in you debt!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The site itself is not for orders, it's just the site of the producers- to order you have to look into the 'shops' category :>
masquedenuit Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
Oh bugger. Maybe I can get some ordered in time for my Hunter garb. Thank you!
masquedenuit Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
By the way, didn't you have a video tutorial on youtube? Do you happen to have that link?
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Well done aby~ <3
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